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Every second, our sun produces enough electrical energy to meet the needs of the earth for 500000 years

How do we use this power ...

Solar energy is energy emitted from the sun's rays. We know that all the energy used by man except the atomic energy comes from the sun.

Scientists estimate that three days is enough to capture the world's coal, oil, and natural gas reserves and start using them in quantities that the sun can provide us with energy on a daily basis.

But the use of this enormous solar energy treasure is only just beginning.

Solar science is broadly divided into solar or active solar. These are based on solar energy conversion, distribution, capture. The use of active solar energy methods photovoltaic panels, solar heat collectors Have. Passive solar methods, one is building on the sun side. Another is to choose materials that have favorable heat density or light emitting properties, naturally propagating air The creation of causing gaps is happening.

In 2011, the International Energy Agency stated that "clean solar energy development, with its use of inexhaustible energy, has long-term benefits." Energy security of nations through trust in independent resources To increase, to increase stability, to reduce pollution, to mitigate climate change costs, to reduce fossil fuel prices than others. So many benefits through these There are.

Welcome to standard power technologies,

Times have changed, consumer focus has also changed over time, today consumers have more choice than ever before. With that in mind, we have established this standard power tech to meet the needs of our customers so that we can travel with them most of the time at affordable prices.

As our goal is to bring you closer, we are always available to provide you with solar and related products as well as service. We are also expanding our solar network with a technician with over 10 years experience in electrical and solar technology. We employ our technicians to expand our network to Domestic, Residential, Industries, Power Plants, Agriculture and more. We offer you the integration of our smart and eco friendly solar power products Our focus is on Connecting, Creating, Delivery Maruti Active And we always provide you with products that save you electricity We offer you great functionality and durability in our products